Keeping Casual Sex Hot When Long Distances Are Involved!

Keeping Casual Sex Hot When Long Distances Are Involved!

Discover 10 tips on keeping your long distance relationship casual, sexy, and fun. From sexting to live cams, naughty care packages to role play, this article has it all!

Keeping Casual Sex Hot When Long Distances Are Involved! Long distance relationships are officially the worst, and there's no denying it. If you're in a hot casual relationship that suddenly turns long distance you'll probably find yourself wondering if it's possible to keep the passion going without the hassle of staying committed from far away. Here are 10 tips on keeping your long distance relationship casual, sexy, and fun.

Try sexting.

  • Throughout the day send him x-rated one-liners that will have him hot and bothered all day long. Keep your sexts short, saying just enough to turn him on without giving too much away. Don't do it every day or he'll come to expect it and it'll lose it's sexy surprise element. Randomly pick a day from time to time and blow up his phone with dirty talk and suggestive selfies of his favorite body parts.
  • Watch live cams together.

  • Plan a steamy night of online sex, tuning into the same live cam feed and watching together. You can be on the phone together while you watch to talk about how hot it is, or you can call each other afterwards to continue the dirty talk. Before your x-rated date read live cam reviews and do a little homework to make sure you find the best site for your sexy time. Take turns picking which women you want to watch and learn more about what he's into by seeing what he chooses.
  • Send a naughty care package.

  • Send him an xxx-surprise in the mail, using the good old fashioned postal system to blow his mind and remind him of how hot you are. Buy a bunch of porn magazines and send them along with a printed copy of a naked selfie and a pair of your sexiest panties. He'll love getting inspired by the dirty magazines and looking at your photo while he jerks off. Don't be surprised if you get a phone call to listen to him do the deed.
  • Create your own live sex cam.

  • Turn to Skype to create your own live cam where you can tease him online and put on your own show. Whether he's watching you do a strip tease or seeing you pleasure yourself, he'll be begging for more and love tuning into his own private channel where you're the star.
  • Role play in a chat room.

  • Pretend that you've never met and that you just happened to meet in the same chat room. Have fun role playing, creating erotic alter-egos that you can use to let go of any inhibitions. Don't be surprised if your x-rated role play personalities make a regular appearance in your new long distance relationship.
  • Have regular standing dates.

  • While you're in a long distance relationship, whether it's across the world in Australia or somewhere closer to your area, you'll both be busy living your own separate lives. Make dates a priority by setting up a regular standing time to hang out. You might plan a phone call every Saturday night or have an ongoing plan to watch porn together on live cam sites every weekend. Whatever it is, make special time where you regularly have a long distance date.
  • Send risque emails.

  • Try writing an erotic story where the two of you are the main characters, describe to him what you'd do to him if you were there, or simply send a link to a live cam site with no other words in the message. He'll love getting your dirty emails especially if you mix them up and surprise him with new types of messages every time.
  • Plan a trip together.

  • Instead of making plans to visit each other's cities, try to plan a trip together instead. Choose a sexy getaway spot where you'll both be in vacation mode. This guarantees that you'll both be relaxed and ready to party together, getting kinky by night and spending all day in bed pleasuring each other.
  • Keep it casual.

  • If your relationship was casual and easygoing before you went long distance, then keep it that way. Just because you're apart it doesn't mean you can't continue to have the same kind of no-strings-attached relationship you already did. Focus your time together on the sexual aspect and feel free to play the field with other men while he's away. It's easy to keep things sexy and fun without getting overly involved.
  • Do dinner and a movie.

  • You might not be in the same city or even the same country but that doesn't mean you can't have a dinner and a movie date together. Keep it x-rated for a more fun time, where you each have a couple of drinks, eat dinner over the phone and then stay on the line while you both watch the same live porn cam sites together. Review your choices beforehand so you're ready to roll on your kinky take on a classic date.