Discover Top Sex Moves Women Love | Give Her Pleasure

How To Blow Her Mind With Sex Moves Women Love

Learn the secrets of top sex moves that women go crazy for. Find out what she loves through dirty talk, watching porn, and more. Give her the pleasure she craves.

Discover Top Sex Moves Women Love | Give Her Pleasure Most men are eager to please and will do anything to give a woman pleasure, they just don't know what she's into. Without just coming right out and asking her there are some stealthy ways you can get her to show you exactly what she wants. Learn the sneaky ways to discover what she loves in bed so you can give it to her again and again and have her begging for more. Here's how to learn the secrets of top sex moves that women go crazy for:

Start talking dirty.

Find out what moves she loves by decoding her dirty talk. Chances are if you get an x-rated conversation going in bed she'll reciprocate and start talking about all of the things she wants you to do to her. Once she's on a roll with talking dirty she'll reveal all of the secret pleasures that she's craving. In fact, sexy talk is a huge turn on for many women so you might be doing double duty by finding out what she wants and giving her pleasure in the process.

Do your homework.

You can clue into what women are by doing little homework on your own. Tune in to local live cam sites to watch women perform the sex moves that they love. The more you watch the more you'll learn on how to pleasure a woman and you can get off while you do it so it's a win-win situation. The women on live cam sites are sex pros who know exactly what women want in bed. Just wait until you can practice what you learned on your woman later on and watch her lose her mind for your moves.

Watch porn together.

Tell her you're in the mood for an xxx movie and let her pick what you'll watch. See what she chooses and pay attention to the parts that get her the most hot and bothered for an idea of what she wants you to do to her. You'll both love watching the action together and you can study the sex moves she loves and wants you to perform on her when you're ready to re-enact her favorite scenes.

Give her variety.

Women are usually into several different kinds of moves in bed, so be prepared to mix it up and take your cues from her. She might want gentle, slow sex one night and then want it rough and dirty the next night. See what kind of mood she's in by the way she kisses you or the things she says. If she's whispering sweet nothings in your ear she probably wants slow and sensual sex, but if she climbs on top of you and starts bossing you around you can go for some of your kinkier moves. Let her take the lead so you know which of your moves to put on her.

Tell her to be in charge.

Let her take the reins when you lie back and tell her that you're her servant for the night. Tell her that she's in charge and that you'll do whatever she wants you to do. Let her boss you around and see what kinds of demands she makes. Get her off by doing exactly what she tells you and give her the sex moves she wants by letting her call the shots.

Ask her about her fantasies.

Play a sexy game together where you both reveal your most private fantasies to each other and see what kinds of things she's really into. Maybe she wants a threesome, wants to be tied up, or has a secret fetish that she'll tell you about. Once you know the desires she's keeping deep down you can start trying out the sex moves you need to give her the pleasure she loves.

Watch her do it herself.

Tonight just sit back and tell her you want to watch her please herself. Get her in the mood first by talking dirty to her and teasing her by telling her all the things you want to do to her. Then when she's good and ready just lay back and watch her take care of herself. She knows best what gets her off so study the moves she uses on herself so you can use them on her when you have sex. Watch and learn her own expert moves that you can try later to bring her as much pleasure as she brings to herself.

Let her initiate.

Tell her that tonight is her choice for whatever she wants in bed. Let her pick the position or what you do for foreplay. Leave it all up to her and tell her to go for whatever she's in the mood for. She'll love the power of being in control and you can bring out whatever sex moves will give her the most pleasure for what she's craving.