The Right Way To Lean In For a Kiss - Dating Tips

Get the Dating Picture - The Right Way To Lean In For a Kiss

Learn the gestures and movements to lean in for a kiss, avoid common mistakes, and make the right move at the right time. Get dating tips for a successful first kiss.

The Right Way To Lean In For a Kiss - Dating Tips

A Sea of Firsts

Let's face it, the first time you go in for a kiss, there's a lot going through your mind. We've all been there. We've all experienced the panic, the anxiety, the excitement, the fear and or the anticipation. It's all part of the experience of doing anything for your first time. On your first date, expect to encounter a sea of firsts. The first conversation, the first laugh, the first body contact, and maybe even your first kiss. It's important not to get too bogged down with all of these things on your first date. Remember to be calm and take each invitation on it's own. Don't worry about the first kiss from the beginning of the date. Play it by ear and make the move when the time is right.

How To Lean In For A Kiss (Gestures and Movements)

Guys rush things. Slow down if you can. Only fools rush in. If you rush things with girls, they will think that you are in a rush to get in bed, and this will send the the message that all you want is to get laid, which can ruin the vibe of your date. So where is the right place to start? You've gotten this far in the date, and now you are in a car, or on her doorstep, or sitting on a park bench, but how do you let her know that the time is right for a kiss?

Here is how to lean in for a kiss

It's actually pretty easy. It's all about making the right eye gestures. You want to penetrate her with eye contact so that she knows that you have the confidence to make the move. It also shows her that you are interested in her, and that you won't break contact with her. This is also where a little bit of an arm embrace can come in handy as well. The classic ‘one arm over the shoulder' is a great way to let her know that you want to get in a little closer. It might seem cliche to use this move, but it will actually make her feel safe knowing that you're using a tried and true method instead of some awkward attempt at intimacy. Make powerful eye contact, embrace her, and lock those lips.

Kissing Girls

It's important to remember that each and every girl is like a delicate flower, no matter her appearance on the outside. These flowers must be take care of and treated with love and tender kindness.Treat her like you would that piece of pristine vinyl collection, or your classic car, or whatever your hobby may be. Treating her kingly could mean engaging in chivalrous gestures like opening the door for her, giving her your jacket, or allowing her to take a seat first. It also means treating her body with respect and dignity. You want to embrace her calmly and slowly when you move in for that kiss Don't be afraid to get a bit hot and passionate - eventually.

Kissing Mistakes

Remember to Breathe

Breathing is the key to our existence, but it is also the key to landing the right first kiss. You need to breath in order to have the air to make a good kiss. Kissing has to be broken up by small periods where each person takes a moment to breath. Remember that you have a nose, so don't be afraid to breath through it. Don't make these kissing mistakes.

Don't Be too Grabby

This is something that guys tend to do way too much. Make light gestures and make slow movements. Don't rush or be too forceful, remember that girls are like delicate flowers.


If you seem to anxious or nervous, she might not feel comfortable around you, and she will not be ready to accept the first kiss. Be calm, talk about stuff that you are both interested in, and show some compatibility. This will help you lighten the mood.

Don't Use Too Much Tongue

She doesn't want make-out soup. She might have already had soup for lunch. Never start with too much tongue. Instead, work your way up to that sloppy, passionate kiss.

Remember to Make the Move

If you fail to make the move when the time is right, you may have missed your chance indefinitely. Show this girl that you truly like her and make the right steps to engage her when the timing is right.