The 4 Must-Know Rules of Finding Friends With Benefits

The 4 Must-Know Rules Of Finding Friends With Benefits

Discover the essential rules of finding friends with benefits. Keep it casual, have great sex, use one night stands websites, and find someone near you. Start your search now!

The 4 Must-Know Rules of Finding Friends With Benefits

Finding A Friend With Benefits

Finding a friend with benefits is a great idea! Especially if you love having sex but hate having to deal with the whole relationship part. In the end, you're an independant woman who loves being single and that's okay. Finding a friend with benefits have never been so easy, and this is because there are so many different types of dating websites out there. If you are thinking of finding a friend with benefits, you should set your sights on your computer, or on that little device you call a cell phone. Thanks to technology, finding local hookups has become one of the easiest ways of getting laid. If you're a woman that loves having sex, hates relationships, and doesn't' want to have too many sexual partners, then finding a friend with benefits is really the perfect choice for you. Before starting your search for the perfect sex buddy, there are a few things you should know.

Keep It Casual

The first and most important rule concerning friends with benefits is keeping your relationship casual. Sure, the guy you met on an online dating website is cool, hot, and good in bed, but this doesn't mean that you should lose your head and try to reel him in. When you first meet up with a potential sex buddy, you should always keep in mind what you want. If what you want to be is single, then never think about your sex buddy as more than just a guy who gets you off. If it's later and he asks you to sleep over, the answer is no. If you just had sex with him and he tries to cuddle you, roll out of bed. If he has a friends birthday party coming up and wants to invite you to it, laugh it off and tell him, “Let's keep it casual,” he'll get the message and stop trying to make you feel like you owe him anything.

Have great sex

For you to choose the perfect friend with benefits, you have to have sex with them first. This can lead to a couple of one night stands, but after awhile you will find someone who you can have great sex with. Since the whole point of having a friend with benefits is having great sex, I don't see why you would settle for anything less than that. There are plenty of experienced and willing men living around you, who would be lucky to be chosen as your sex buddy, so don't sell yourself short, and look for the cream of the crop

One night stands websites

One night stands websites are like a portal to heaven, especially if what you love to do is have sex. If you have come to terms with the fact that a serious relationships just isn't for you, then don't deny yourself the right to sex. Contrary to what many of us have grown up to believe, you don't need to have a relationship to have sex, and you don't need one to be happy either. If you are perfectly happy being single, then don't let someone burst your bubble. Use online dating websites at your own will, and find the perfect sex buddy for you.

Find someone near you

If you're looking for a friend with benefits, then you might feel like you're applying for a job. In the end, you kind of are, but you're also the boss in this situation. Finding a sex buddy can be a little hard, but with the help of online dating websites, you will be able to find one in a short while. Choosing your sex buddy is a lot like deciding where you're going to work next. Your main priority should be finding a casual sex partner near you. Imagine you have two job offers, one is down the street and pays alright, and the other is across town and pays a little better. Which one would you choose? Now, imagine this scenario as two different sex buddies, one is slightly hotter than the other, but he lives too far and you'll lose time commuting. If you are feeling a little puzzled over your decision, allow me to help you out. Choosing a sex buddy who is less attractive will stop you from falling for them. Also, if you find someone near you, you will be able to walk over whenever you want. You won't have to get caught in traffic and get lost trying to find their place. If the weather is acting up, you don't need to cancel on them. Finding a sex buddy near you will probably help you get laid much more often.