Sex Secrets for Men - Tips to Drive Her Wild | SEO Expert

Sex Secrets for Men

Discover the best sex secrets for men to impress her in bed. Learn how to eat a pussy, hit the G spot, start slow, and more. Get expert advice now!

Sex Secrets for Men - Tips to Drive Her Wild | SEO Expert

Tips for Dicks

In the world of online sex dating, the key to it all is actually being able to close the deal. If you were looking for relationships you'd be on relationship sites looking for relationships. You're on sex sites because you're looking for sex. So you've chatted her up, got her attention, and now you're out on your hookup date.

Sex Secrets for Dudes

Once you get her into the sack you're going to want to impress her with your sexual acumen. The key word here is acumen. You don't need a porno cock to make a girl cum. You do however need to have some skill at what you're doing. You can just pump away a few times and then shoot your load. That may be ok for you but she's going to be very disappointed. So without further ado, here are some neat sex tricks that you can use to drive her wild.

Learn how to Eat a Pussy

Seriously dude. You're a grown ass man. You want a girl to cum you can't just lube up your cock and then jam it right in there. You got to get her wet first. This isn't a fricken porno. There's a couple things that you should know. First of all, the clitoris. Yes you want to find it, but you want to lick the whole pussy too. Girls also like it when you slip a finger up in there while you're doing it. No girl ever said, “gee, a finger up my cooch while my clit is getting licked is just too much excitement for me!” So don't be afraid to use both your tongue and your fingers while you're working her up. She'll thank you and you'll thank me.

Hit the G Spot

The G Spot is not hard to find, but if you're dick isn't super huge you might have to work a little harder to get it. Not a big deal. What you want to do if you're fucking her missionary style is to aim your cock upward toward her belly button. The G Spot is located in the lower abdomen and by bending your knees lower and working the tip of your penis up toward the belly button while you're inside her, you'll hit the G Spot over and over. I know in pornos it's always the guys with the super huge dicks humping away. The truth is the G Spot is generally located less than four inches from the opening of the vagina. So basically a four inch dick, properly employed, can make a girl go out of her mind. All you really need to do is point your dick in the right direction, and you're good to go. If you're doing it doggie style however, you're going to want the tip of your dick pointed down, but again toward the belly button.

Remember to start in 1st gear

The problem most inexperienced fuckers is have is that they want to hump the fuck out of her pussy as hard as they can right off the bat. This is poor form. Orgasms are built slowly over time. You can't just pound them out of a pussy. You have to build them. Tease her. Start slowly. Stop suddenly. Add speed as you go along. The orgasm and excitement will build steadily. There's a reason they call it a climax. And it's not because you hump as hard as you can right off the bat and then cum 3 minutes later. Slow and steady wins the race. Save your best for the last 100 meters. That's how you make a girl cum.

Tell her how great her pussy is

One of the best sex secrets for men is to comment on how immaculate a woman's pussy is. Most women are very insecure about their pussies. You want to suck and lick that thing like it's the last candied apple on the planet. Complement the folds and act as if you cannot stop sucking and licking at it even if you wanted to. Like it has the antidote to whatever ails you. Like it's the most exquisite piece of Red Snapper ever served at the best restaurant.

Get a Cock Ring

If you're worried you're going to spooge immediately after she takes her shirt off, you might consider investing in a cock ring. The cock ring will prevent you from ejaculating until you've give her an orgasm or she has at least done the courtesy of faking one for you. After that, you can take off the cock ring and let her suck your dick. If you were half as good to her pussy as I said you should be, she'll be twice as good to your cock than you probably deserve. Till next time, my sweets.