One Night Stand Pre-Date Checklist: Tips for a Successful Hookup

Pre-date checklist: Everything you need to get ready for your first one night stand

Are you emotionally ready for a one night stand? Is this someone you'll see again? Be clear with your sex partner. Don't show off. Good grooming and picking the right location are important. Follow these instructions for a successful hookup.

You've met that girl online. You've both mutually agreed that this is only for one thing: sex. Problem is, you've never had a one night stand. No one will fault you for being that guy, the guy always with a long term girlfriend. You've been dating for a long time. Now that you're single, you want to go out there and have some fun. You've heard your friends talk about it all the time. How they met a girl took her home for the night, and never spoke to her again. Now's your chance to try it out. I mean it's going to be fun, because it's purely physical. Before you go ahead with your plan check out this site. Look below as well for more tips.

Your One Night Stand Pre-Date Checklist

One Night Stand Pre-Date Checklist: Tips for a Successful Hookup

Are You Emotionally Ready?

Make sure you've thought this out thoroughly. You've decided that this is the kind of girl you want only for one night. If a one night stand is something you've never done before, you need to make sure you're ready. I mean, if you're the kind of person who's only ever been with people seriously, is this truly the right thing for you to do? It is natural for people to become attached to one another after having sex. Are you sure you can just have sex with her and that you won't want to see her again?

Is This Someone You'll See Again?

Do you live in a really small town? Do you have mutual friends? If you're about to have a one night stand with someone, who you're going to see all the time afterwards, it might be best to sit this one out. The worst possible thing is to have sex with someone, and then see them awkwardly all the time afterwards. Also, this prevents any weirdness that may come up, if she wants to date you afterwards, and you don't want to. Pick someone you're most likely never to see again. If you don't live in a big city, a good way to have a one night stand would be to do so on vacation.

Be Really Clear With Your Sex Partner

Are you sure she's okay with this? Have you communicated clearly with her that you only want to have this one hookup? You don't want to be that guy that doesn't call her back, if she's expecting you to. Also, women talk. If you're not clear with her and she gets hurt by you, other women will know. You don't want a bad reputation. That kind of thing will haunt you in the dating world. Just be clear with her that you're looking to have a good time, just for one night. If she's not okay with that, you're saving yourself a lot of guilt.

Don't Show Off

Don't be disrespectful to your partner by telling everyone about your hookup. I know it's fun to share with you friends, but don't be specific. Don't give out her name to your friends! Women carry a lot of stigma for being sexually free. Even if women are engaging in the same behavior as men. A woman is allowed to enjoy sex, even no strings attached sex. But, unfortunately society does not think the same way. So to allow her to do what she likes, without being unfairly judged by people. Keep your one night stand private. It is the respectable thing to do.

Good Grooming

Don't be that gross guy that doesn't shower before hooking up. Make sure you've shaved in at least the past couple days. Ladies say they like scruff, but usually they are lying. They like it clean, smooth, and professional. Not all of us are lumberjacks, even if we want to pretend we are. So take care of that first. Think about it: you want her to be clean too, don't you?

Picking the Right Location

Make sure you've got the right place picked out a couple days in advance. Make a reservation if needed, or just make sure it's the right kind of spot. You don't want too noisy, or too bright, or too busy. Also, the neighbourhood is key: don't invite her to the local bar. Go somewhere out of your comfort zone, and that will give you something to impress her with! Make sure wherever you go, that you can have some privacy. The worst thing would be to invite her over, and your roommates are throwing a party, or your parents have friends over.

Final Points

So, if you follow these instructions closely, and tailor them to your own personality and interests, then things will go smoothly. Don't overthink it, and remember to enjoy yourself. Pretty soon you will be a pro at this too.