Overcoming Cheating: How to Move On and Rebuild Trust

Will she cheat again? How to get it out of your head

Discover effective strategies to overcome infidelity and regain trust. Learn how to let go of jealousy and find new ways to approach relationships. Take control of your love life.

Overcoming Cheating: How to Move On and Rebuild Trust

Will she cheat again? How to get it out of your head.

If you're at the point where you're wondering if she will cheat again and you can't seem to get the thought of her infidelity out your head, then your best bet is to walk away. Cheating girlfriends are difficult for guys for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is a sense of inadequacy and a feeling of betrayal, but there is also something more primal at play and the emotions it stirs do not always make sense or feel as though they can be controlled. Jealousy is a terrible emotion that eats away at you and consumes your thoughts. The thought her with another man is especially destructive, so if you're in a place where you're constantly wondering about what she's doing, who she's with, or whether or not she's sleeping around, your best bet is to walk away from the relationship entirely and try a different kind of dating for awhile.

She will cheat again

And not just on you. It wasn't personal. Girls are expected to guard their sexuality and be extremely picky about which guys they hook up with. The fact is some girls are just like guys. Players. But the fact is our culture shames women who are promiscuous while simultaneously exalting guys who behave the same way. The women who don't give a shit are better off psychologically, but those who do find themselves in short term serial relationships that end abruptly when they find a new flavor of the month. Not only was it not your fault, but there was nothing you could have done differently to prevent this from happening. Her cheating is a symptom of her working out what she really wants in a relationship, and she's not going to necessarily be aware of the wreckage she leaves behind.

Forgetting about a cheater

Step one to forgetting about a cheater is engaging in other kinds of non-monogamous relationships. Why this works is kind of a mystery, but when you're out there getting with other girls, you're not thinking about who she's getting it on with. So your best bet is find a good casual dating site, chat up some pretty ladies, and try to rebuild your confidence by having casual sex without the expectation of monogamy. It will help in other ways too. These girls are going to be hooking up with other guys on these sites and so it teaches you a different way to look at relationships. You have no hold over them and they have no hold over you. So the more experience you have with women, the less likely infidelity in a relationship will cause you unnecessary distress.

Dating after betrayal

If you do meet someone you're really interested in, learning how to trust them again with your feelings is going to be difficult. But you should. Guy who experience this kind of jealousy are guys who like monogamous relationships. They're also guys who need to experience different kinds of relationships in order to understand what they want out of a sexual and romantic partnership. Being more confident with women will help you in the long run and being more experienced with women will help your confidence. That's why finding a good hookup site that works for you is essential to moving past all this jealousy. In the short term, it sucks, yeah. But those feelings will pass.