Tips to Pleasure Your Woman: Engage in Foreplay, Read Her Body Language, Use Your Best Sex Moves

Use Your Sex Moves To Give Her Orgasms

Learn how to pleasure your woman in bed with these proven tips: engage in foreplay, read her body language, and use your best sex moves. Increase your chances of pleasing your woman today!

Tips to Pleasure Your Woman: Engage in Foreplay, Read Her Body Language, Use Your Best Sex Moves One of the main questions that have been on men's minds since the dawn of time is how the mind of the opposite sex works. Alas, this is a good question, but we suspect that it is one that will go unanswered until the end of time. A man's mind works in a certain way that allows us to function through our daily tasks, but it is certainly not programmed to understand the complexities of what goes on behind a woman's skull. While our brains can be described as railroad lines that lead to a certain destination, a woman's mind is an infinitely tangling , amorphous vine structure that weaves and curls in and out of places that we can never fully understand. We certainly encourage men to think about the answer to this question as best they can, because the results are certainly entertaining, but we won't hold our breaths until someone actually gets the answer right. It's simply impossible. Women's complicated neural patterns extend to everything they do in their lives, even to se. Especially to sex, some might say. While our sexual appetites are easily satisfied by the right pressure, friction, and rhythm, a woman's orgasm depend on several more factors that we can never be fully aware of. Because the task of satisfying a woman is such a daunting one, a lot of men all over the world tend to abandon the thought about pleasuring a woman altogether, and just opt to focus on their own pleasure, since that's the only thing that they understand. If you're reading this article, you are lucky to be in the minority of men who are actually interested in satisfying your woman, and we salute you for that. Although, like we said, we do not know the true secrets of a woman's body and mind, we do have a few basic, proven tips that will greatly improve your sexual abilities. Whether you're in Christchurch, NZ, or anywhere else in the world, use these tips to increase your chances of pleasing your woman.

Engage In Foreplay

While it might be tempting to want to jump into the main part of sex right away, it's important to keep in mind that a woman's body is a complex organism, and you definitely want to heat up the moment by engaging in a little foreplay before sex. Give her some sweet kisses everywhere, excite her sensitive areas using your hands, and cap it all off with a good bout of oral sex. Your woman will thank you for making her such a priority if you put a little thought into warming up her body for the big sexual show.

Read Her Body Language

Body language is the main form of communication when it comes to sex. Unless your woman is very vocal, she won't be explicitly telling you which sexual moves to pull on her, so it's up to you to analyze what her body is doing and respond accordingly. If you master speaking the sexual language of your woman's body, you will find yourself basking in the sweet fruits of sexual glory. More intimacy between partners means a more intense experience for both parties.

Use Your Best Sex Moves

When it comes to intimacy, you need to bring your best sex moves to the table and really show your woman what you're worth in the bedroom. Making sure that you hit a woman's sweet spots means that you're pulling every sexual tool in your arsenal to see what your woman likes and what she doesn't. Don't be afraid to switch positions once in awhile if things don't seem to be working out as best they should, and you should also be open to experimentation during the sexual progress. If an idea for a new position comes in mind, one that you've never even tried before, then the perfect place to test it out is during a wild one night stand with a sexy casual encounter.

Give Her A Great One Night Stand Orgasm

In one night stands, especially those generated from online hookup platforms, both parties deserve to have orgasms, which of course includes the lovely woman that you met on your adult hookup forum. Don't let the night end too quickly after you've gotten your satisfaction out on it; hold off on your orgasm so that she has enough time to reach hers. When a man has an orgasm, the sexual night is pretty much over; when a woman has her orgasms, it leads to more rolling orgasms, and the night becomes a long, wild, and sweaty one. In your casual encounters, you want to have sexual nights that really stand out from your memory, so make sure that the sexual tension in your bedroom is high by fully pleasing your woman.