Keeping Casual Sex Hot When Long Distances Are Involved!

How to keep a long distance relationship steamy Long distance relationships are officially the worst, and there’s no denying it. If you’re in a hot casual relationship that suddenly turns long distance you’ll probably find yourself wondering if it’s possible to keep the passion going without the hassle of staying committed from far away. Here

How to pretend you’re not too interested (even when you are)

Gay dating online So you’ve met someone you like online. You want to seem interested, yeah, but you don’t want to seem too interested, because that makes you look desperate, right? Now, the reason why desperate guys are so unattractive is because not only do they lack the self-confidence a proper lover has got to

Pre-date checklist: Everything you need to get ready for your first one night stand

You’ve met that girl online. You’ve both mutually agreed that this is only for one thing: sex. Problem is, you’ve never had a one night stand. No one will fault you for being that guy, the guy always with a long term girlfriend. You’ve been dating for a long time. Now that you’re single, you

Divorce or forgiveness after cheating?

Cheating and Divorce Divorce or forgiveness after an affair While the final decision is completely up to you, you should understand that the majority of marriages nowadays do not in fact end because of cheating. Some folks do get divorced after an affair, but more couples stay together. Even those who do get divorced, get

Tips for getting through your divorce after she cheated

Divorce after affair Tips for getting through your divorce after she cheated I know it probably sounds hard, but if you’re a guy and your wife cheated on you, your confidence is probably pretty low right now. Divorce after infidelity typically sucks as well, but there are some options available to you if you’re interested

Tips for getting through your divorce after he cheated

Divorce after infidelity Tips for getting through your divorce after he cheated Getting through a divorce will not be easy for you, especially if your marriage ended because of infidelity. You’re going to end up feeling betrayed by the person you cared about the most and lost for awhile while you try reprocess your life,